Here are some of the testimonies from Companies who have had successful experience after making a decision to MAKE IN ETHIOPIA

“…We have been impressed all along by the positive attitude towards our inward investment by the Ethiopian Government. We know the country and the Ethiopian people well over a period of many years and so we know already that there are no language or legal barriers to smooth business cooperation but support and access at government level has made our investment process straightforward and without delays. On the basis of out initial investment we are looking forward to extending our long cooperation in the future.”
Reg Hankey, Managing Director(C.E.O) Pittards, World Class Leather
“…We have been developing the Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia since 2009 and have made excellent progress defining significant gold resources in the area. This would not have been possible without the support of the Ethiopian Government, which is very welcoming to foreign investors. There is also a strong and transparent mining code which provides significant confidence to us and our investors. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Ethiopian Government for many years to come.”
Terry Tucker, Chief Executive Officer, Nyota Minerals
“…Unilever returned to Ethiopia in 2000 after a longish hiatus, having decided that we would capture a larger share of the local market by being on shore and building a manufacturing base than by staying off shore and relying on imports. The changes we have seen in the last couple of years, in such things as the speed of approval by the EIC, tell us that we made the right decision. The size of the population alone gives Ethiopia market potential, but it is the changes in the business climate that suggests that the potential might actually be realized.”
Richard Ponsford, Managing Director, Unilever Ethiopia plc
“…MIDROC Ethiopia is proud to be the largest foreign investor in Ethiopia – a country with a huge and trainable workforce, a wonderful climate and almost no corruption. The current political environment is also very hospitable to investors. Once the world knows that there is untapped investment potential, as well as continuous improvement in incentives and governance, we are bound to see more DFI in this beautiful country. MIDROC would certainly welcome it.”
Arega Yirdaw, Chief Executive Officer, MIDROC Ethiopia
“…When we decided to come to Ethiopia in 1998, it was because of its natural advantages – in particular its climate, which was ideal for growing roses. We are delighted that now, in 2004, the natural advantages are beginning to be matched by man-made ones, those deriving from improvements in policies and procedures. If these improvements can be sustained, there is almost no limit to investment opportunities in Ethiopia.”
Ryaz Shamji, General Manager, Golden Rose Agrofarms Limited.
“…We believe that this is exactly the time to invest in the garment business in Ethiopia. Not only are labor costs low and the workforce trainable, access to major markets like the US and the EU is available on preferential terms. What’s more, the investment climate has improved notably in the past year or so. Our own recent experience has been positive enough to lead us to expand our garment business (tripling employment) and setting up a related dyeing and knitting venture with two other foreign investors. “
Worku Zewde, Managing Director, Garment Express Private Limited